Tuesday, June 22, 2021

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New movement ban hours comes into force in Oman

Movement of individuals and vehicles are prohibited from 7pm till 4am.

TAS News Service


Saturday, May 8, 2021

MUSCAT: The new movement ban hours announced by the Supreme Committee has come into force at 7pm on Saturday (May 8). Until May 15, the movement ban hours will be from 7pm till 4am.

The decision comes in the wake of rising coronavirus cases in the country. Movement of individuals and vehicles are prohibited during the ban hours.

Following categories are excluded from the movement ban

  1. Health are personnel,emergency vehicles and utility emergency (power and water only).
  2. Employees of private hospitals.
  3. Pharmacy staff in night shifts, as regulated by the Ministry of Health.
  4. Ports and airports traffic personnel.
  5. Drivers of trucks weighing 3 tons or above , water and waste water tankers.
  6. Workers in factories, while not allowed to move outside the factory during the movement ban.
  7. Workers of loading and unloading nope rations in factories and warehouses , while not allowed to move outside the facility during the movement ban.
  8. On shift petrol stations workers , determined by the Ministry of Trade , Industry and Investment Promotions , in coordination with the marketing Companies.
  9. Personnel working in oil fields
  10. Press and media workers in public and private establishments, whose nature of work requires attending the institution during the movement ban. The ministry of Information shall provide them a permit for so. 
  11. Health inspectors ,technicians and personnel authorised of judicial seizure, granted their permits from their official employers.
  12. Fishermen , beekeepers and food laboratories are authorized by the Ministry of Agricultural , Fishery and water resources.
  13. Delivery workers delivering orders from restaurants, cafes and street vendors.