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Will there be a complete lockdown in Oman? Here’s what the Minister of Health says

Minister of Health says COVID-19 pandemic has reached a critical stage in Oman

TAS News Service

Sunday, April 25, 2021

MUSCAT: The Covid pandemic has reached a critical stage in Oman and the authorities “may take” stringent measures including imposing lockdown and a complete ban on movement until the end of the Eid Al Fitr, according to the country’s Minister of Health

Speaking in an interview with Al Jazeera network, His Excellency Dr. Ahmed Al Saidi said the current epidemiological situation is worrying. “We may have to take further measures to avoid the worst, and it may be a complete closure and a complete ban on movement until the end of  Eid Al Fitr,” the Minister said. 

Oman has been witnessing a surge in coronavirus cases and deaths over the last two months which prompted the Supreme Committee to extend the complete closure of commercial activities and movement of individuals between 9pm to 4am. “Since mid-January, the infection numbers began to rise from imported cases to the Sultanate, then the societal spread began, and on the other side, there was a laxity in the commitment. Some citizens began holding social events such as mourning and weddings,” Al Saidi pointed out. 

As of Sunday, Oman’s total coronavirus cases admissions in hospitals touched 818, including 272 ICU patients. The Sultanate also registered over 3,500 cases in the last 72 hours.