Wednesday, August 04, 2021

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Oman travel ban: Airlines report issues in booking tickets online due to increase in passenger rush

Airlines and travel agents are getting frantic calls from passengers who wish to return to Oman before the April 24 deadline.

TAS News Service

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

MUSCAT: With Oman suspending travel from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh from April 24, passengers are rushing to rebook flights ahead of the ban.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Committee imposed a ban on three countries until further in the wake of rising coronavirus cases. Soon after the announcement, airlines and travel agents are getting frantic calls from passengers who wish to return before the April 24 deadline. Oman’s budget airline SalamAir said it is facing technical difficulties with its reservation system which might cause difficulties in making a booking.

“However passengers who wish to travel today are requested to visit our ticket counters at the airport  and request a manual booking for the flight. We assure that all passengers with manual booking will be allowed to travel and accepted on board,” Salam Air said in a statement.

“Our Team is working diligently in rectifying this issue and will be back online soon.For more information please call our call centre on 24272222,” Salam Air added.

Meanwhile, travel agents have also said Air India Express’ online system are also facing similar difficulties. “People are trying to reschedule their dates and the system is down due to heavy traffic,” said the agent.

“The ban ‪begins at 6 pm on Saturday, 24 April 2021, and continues till further notice. This is with the exception of arriving passengers who are Omani citizens, diplomats or health workers and their families. The exempted groups will undergo the prescribed entry procedures when they reach the Sultanate’s land,” the Supreme Committee added.