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JAC S3 crossover SUV + Orbit Car Rental & Lease: A rental fleet success story

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September 23,2020 2:21 pm

MUSCAT : For many companies and organizations, leasing out a fleet of cars – as opposed to having to face the initial capital outlay to buy the fleet outright – is a “best practice” business strategy that continues to make excellent financial sense.

This, together with a host of other benefits associated with renting a fleet of cars – can pave the way for business success in the short and long term. 

One such rental fleet success story comes from Orbit Car Rental & Lease, who recently purchased eight of Towell Auto Centre’s brand new JAC S3 Crossover SUV models for lease to a leading Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) business based in Oman. 

Orbit Car Rental & Lease says their client had requested a fleet of cars that would specifically cater to their sales team’s need to constantly be out and about on Oman’s roads to meet new customers. Requirements included a reasonable size SUV with lots of room to move in; that was easy to enter/exit many times throughout the day; that was absolutely reliable; and that had a handsome exterior and interior that they would always be proud to show off.

Orbit Car Rental & Lease advised that the brand new JAC S3 Crossover SUV, which Towell Auto Centre recently launched in Oman as part of a new JAC passenger and lifestyle range, perfectly matched these requirements. As the JAC S3 also came at a very attractive price-point (the S3 is essentially a Crossover SUV at the price of a Sedan), Orbit Car Rental & Lease was able to provide the lease agreement at a budget friendly price-point. 

Satisfied that the new JAC S3s perfectly met their needs, Orbit Car Rental & Lease’s client was happy to go ahead with the rental agreement. 

Mr. Abey Abraham Issac – Business Head, Orbit Car Rental & Lease explained, “The reason for buying the JAC S3 Crossover SUVs was a joint decision with our team and the end customer who is a corporate giant in FMCG sales. We always make tailor made deals for customers after understanding their budget and requirements. In this case, the JAC S3 provided a perfect blend of both.”

“We made the lease package inclusive of all expenses such as maintenance, insurance, replacement vehicles on every service etc – ensuring that our client’s sales team would be mobile 24/7 without any burden. Another significant advantage was that there was no need of initial capital investment for the fleet. Currently, many companies want to avoid blocking their capital by owning an asset which depreciates year-on-year – and leasing provides the perfect solution to this. Plus, Orbit Car Rental & Lease takes care of all the appropriate documentation processes, which means much less hassle for the end-user,” Mr. Abey added.

According to Mr. Riyadh Ali Sultan – General Manager, Towell Auto Centre, “The Towell Auto Centre – JAC partnership has existed for well over ten years with our provision of JAC commercial vehicles that deliver long-term performance and reliability for a broad range of business and industry sectors in Oman. Now, with the addition of this exciting new range of JAC passenger and light commercial models to our line-up, I am very confident that these vehicles will meet the needs of many individuals, families, and business owners in Oman”.

Towell Auto Centre’s new JAC additions include the JAC S3 and JAC S4 Crossover SUVs; two versions of the JAC T8 Pick-up 2.0L Turbo; and the JAC M4 in 9-Seater Passenger Van and Panel Van configurations. True to their commitment of offering unbeatable customer convenience and peace of mind, Towell Auto Centre provides JAC’s substantial 5-year/150,000 kilometer warranty (whichever comes first) on all new passenger models, while the T8 Pick-up comes with a 3-year/100,000 kilometer warranty (whichever comes first).

To find out more about Towell Auto Centre’s new line-up of JAC passenger vehicles available in Oman, or to book a test drive, visit

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