Omantel leverages E- learning to upgrade employee skills during pandemic

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July 21, 2020 3:35 pm

MUSCAT: Omantel – the leading provider of integrated telecommunications services in the Sultanate – very well understands its role as an enabler on various levels. It believes in empowering its manpower with the highest and latest skills and capabilities to help achieve the company’s objectives of providing superior services and consistently maintaining quality. 

For this, Omantel’s specialized E-learning programs for its employees, especially during COVID-19 -. These tailor-made programs focus on raising the efficiency of employees through training and equipping them with skills required to boost Omantel’s overall performance. Hence, Omantel attaches great importance to the e-learning programs as these important tools have a direct and indirect impact on its subscriber base. 

By focusing on technical, managerial and leadership areas, E-learning targets employees at various levels to equip them with skills that enable them keep pace with the ever-changing market environment, technology and customer demands. The company uses different learning platforms to provide participants of the e-learning programs with a wide array of insights in their field of expertise. 

Commenting on the program, Saif bin Sultan Al-Abri, Senior Manager of Learning and Development at Omantel’s Human Resources Unit pointed out: “E-learning is one of the many methodologies used by the Human Resources Unit to help employees gain required skills in various fields and specialties. These tailored programs are in technical areas like artificial intelligence and digitization, besides in business and human resources management specializations such as e-marketing and other areas. 

“The E-learning programs have contributed towards developing the skills of employees and exposed them to successful experiences which they can emulate in their own functioning. The E-learning programs have enabled our staff to provide better services using innovative methods. E-learning has now become a major contributor to meeting the strategic needs of the organization itself and meeting the requirements of future recipients.” 

Al-Abri further noted: “E-learning is one of the most important fields of investment in employee development as it raises their job competencies and their skills. Moreover, E-learning in Omantel, which has witnessed a great success, provides many advantages compared to the traditional forms of training. Through E-learning, a participating Omantel employee can choose the field of training that he desires and that fits his daily schedule. This is a good advantage especially during time of the COVID-19 pandemic. The programs are a testimony to Omantel Human Resources Unit’s endeavor in finding alternatives that enable its employees to continue learning and develop their skills and abilities despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.” 

It is worth noting that Omantel, as part of its employee development initiatives, has launched several initiatives in recent times, the highlight of which are its specialized academies. It also recently launched the Future Academy “to be one of the sources through which Omantel can invest in training its national cadres and raising their level of technical and leadership qualifications so that they can lead the digital transformation in the Sultanate during the next stage” Al-Abri concluded. 

Omantel is the Sultanate’s first and leading integrated telecommunications services provider, enabling the digital society to flourish, allowing new ways of doing business and delivering a world of information, news and entertainment. While seeking to obtain optimum customer satisfaction, Omantel plays a key social role to provide the required support and subsidy to all sectors of the Omani society.

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