The perfect speaker to add to your home! HUAWEI Sound X co-engineered with Devialet

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June 29, 2020 4:06 pm

Muscat: Huawei joined forces with Devialet to engineer an audio experience you will feel as well as hear. The HUAWEI Sound X harnesses the power of Devialet’s Dual Subwoofers to produce strong and crisp sound. In addition to the latest sound technology, exquisite design and interactive features here are a few reasons why HUAWEI Sound X is the perfect speaker to add to your home!

The HUAWEI Sound X submerges the listener in sound, without intruding on the environment. It incorporates 3.5-inch Devialet dual subwoofers that deliver 60W of booming bass, while remaining compact and portable for every day, all-purpose use. The bass packs a wallop, hitting amplitudes of up to 20 mm, which allows users to see, hear and feel the vibrations at a deeper level. The new speakers adopts a symmetrical Push-Push acoustic design for its dual subwoofers for a still solid performance.

With Devialet’s exclusive Speaker Active Matching (SAM® technology), the HUAWEI Sound X provides total sound immersion, while playing high fidelity audio wherever it is placed. The HUAWEI Sound X provides for endless immersion amidst a lush 360° sound field. High frequency extends from 40Hz to 40000 Hz, revealing details that would otherwise be inaccessible to human ears. 

Audio sharing from a smartphone to HUAWEI Sound X is easy and simple thanks to Huawei Share. Pairing a smartphone and HUAWEI Sound X is done by simply tapping the smartphone against the HUAWEI Sound X to initiate seamless audio playback and audio immersion. In case of a phone call, the HUAWEI Sound X pauses audio playback and allows users to answer calls on their smartphone ensuring that their conversations remain private. When the call ends, audio playback resumes automatically.

With its sleek build, touch-sensitive buttons and glazed surface, the HUAWEI Sound X is available for purchase at Huawei official stores and Huawei authorized distributors and website for OMR 129.900.  

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