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Oman Air aims to reduce loss, plans break even by 2023, says top official

Oman Air says its most important goal is to reduce loss.

TAS News Service
Feb 12, 2020 7:04 am

MUSCAT: Oman Air is aiming to reduce its loss and achieve break-even point by 2023, a top official of the national airline said on Tuesday.
In a statement to state-owned Oman News Agency (ONA), Saleem bin Amanullah bin Abdul Hussain, Senior Head of Ground Services at Oman Air said the most important goal for the airline is to reduce its loss.

“Oman Air was able to achieve outstanding performance in the On-Time Performance Index, reaching 90 per cent in the average rate of meeting the takeoff schedule during 2019, which reflects the company’s commitment to passengers and places it among the best performing airlines globally in terms of meeting takeoff schedules,” he said.

One-minute delay costs $100
“One-minute delay of an aircraft costs the company about $100, in addition to losing the customer confidence in the company and this is unacceptable to us,” he added.

According to Abdul Hussain, 2019 was good for Oman Air as the company overcame a number of challenges including the suspension of Boeing 737-Max flights.

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