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HerStory: Family is my top priority, says Amal Al Raisi

Amal Al Raisi tells how you can stay creative and continue supporting yourself in between industry gigs.

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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Oman’s celebrity fashion designer Amal Al Raisi had worked at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for three years before she realised it was not her job. “I resigned after I found my right job,” she tells on HerStory.  

With no fashion background, Amal learned it all by herself. “I have no fashion background. I learnt all by myself. And that’s the hard way of doing. I went through all the ups and downs. If I had the background, I would have avoided some mistakes but I have learnt everything,” she says with a smile. 

For Amal, balancing work and family life is important. “It’s not easy. To do that you need to have the right support system. It’s my husband who is my biggest supporter. It’s the work of everyone surrounding you makes you who you’re,” she points out.  

I have no fashion background. I learnt all by myself. And that’s the hard way of doing things.

Amal Al Raisi

“Being a designer I have to travel a lot. I spend several hours in my workshop and I can’t do that if I am worried about my kids at home thinking if they are sleeping on time or having food on time. So, there is always my husband or mother or my sister who take care of them. For me my family is my number one priority,” she adds. 

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