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6 cool features of the operating system EMUI 9.0


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The user experience is one of the most important things to consider when designing a smartphone. Leading smartphone manufacturers like Huawei have therefore brought it upon themselves to build their own user interfaces to improve the user experience when using their phones. EMUI 9.0, Huawei’s latest version of the Android operating system, elevates in different ways the interaction between a consumer and a Huawei phone.

Optimized User Experience

In addition to EMUI 9.0 being faster than the previous versions of EMUI from Huawei, the company has also focused on making EMUI 9.0 more user friendly. Huawei has simplified the design of EMUI in 9.0 to reflect natural elements including natural colors and transitions. Because many of Huawei’s devices now feature large screen phones, the company has focused on improving single-handed control in EMUI 9.0. Huawei redesigned apps like their world clock and photos to allow for them to be easily controlled from the top to the bottom of the screen.

For instance, Huawei has redesigned a few of its default apps such as Gallery and relocated the in-app navigation bar to the bottom of the screen. That way, users can easily access all the features of the apps using a single hand without overextending their thumb to the top of the screen. Not only is it more ergonomic, it also minimizes the chance of users dropping the device from performing the unnatural finger maneuver. Also keeping with the concept of simplicity, Huawei has changed the design of the multi-task interface to make it more visual with a card-type layout to form a unified design.

Huawei has also added new gesture navigation capabilities to allow for the full use of the display. The gesture controls inside of Huawei 9.0 allow you to swipe from the bottom to open the task manager or return to the home screen. The gesture control implementation is slightly different vendors—swipes from either side of the screen towards the center make the device go back to the previous screen, unlike other operating systems where only the swipes from the left are registered, so the users can effortlessly navigate the system whether they are right-handed, left-handed or ambidextrous.

Thanks to unique features like facial recognition and embedded fingerprint sensor in Huawei devices like the HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro, users can also access their phones without having to remember or type in passwords. The added benefit is that biometric security features like facial recognition and fingerprint sensors add to the overall security of the device as well as making it easier to use. Huawei has invested in making both fingerprint and facial recognition faster than ever before, helping users get to their EMUI 9.0 phones faster.

Easy on the Eyes

Huawei also has included features within EMUI 9.0 that are designed to improve the quality of life of their users. From the Display submenu under Settings, users are treated to a host of options and tweaks they can use to customize for the best experience. Starting from the top, users can easily tweak the brightness of the display using the slider, or rely on the device to read the ambient light and adjust the brightness accordingly by checking the Auto-Adjust option.

Next, Colors & Eye Comfort contains three options: Natural Tone automatically adjusts the color temperature for a consistent, paper-like viewing experience; Color Mode & Temperature gives users options to customize the color tone manually; and Eye Comfort mode effectively filters out blue light for more comfortable reading at night. What’s more, the Eye Comfort mode can be scheduled—so it turns on automatically at a predetermined time for maximum reading comfort at all times

Digital Wellbeing

Speaking of the long run, EMUI 9.0 also comes with a handful of settings that help users achieve true digital balance. These features are designed to ensure a healthier relationship between users and their Huawei phones. At first instance, users are prompted to select whether the device is one for themselves or for their child. Users that are setting up their device can access a comprehensive break down of their screen time, as well as how often they unlock their device in any given day of a week.

Knowing how people feel almost compelled to use their devices unless reined in, EMUI 9.0 gives these users the options to set boundaries, either by restricting the screen time or app time. Once it is set, screen time can only extended with their own approval. As this is a feature to promote healthy behaviors and not restrict the device from performing essential tasks, the Dialer and Message apps are exempted by default. App Lock on the other hand limits the use time of specific apps. Remember how the Digital Balance feature asks whether the user is a parent of a child? This feature lets parents set up the devices on behalf of their children as well.

GPU Turbo 2.0

The new EMUI 9.0 is great for gamers as it will include GPU Turbo 2.0, the second generation of Huawei’s graphics processing acceleration technology. The new algorithms reduce touch response delay by up to 36 percent. An App Assistant also helps users cut down on the interruptions that may impact their gaming sessions. The best part? GPU Turbo 2.0 supports more games than ever, enabling even more gamers to experience a fuller gaming experience.

Highly Secure:

EMUI 9.0 features Password Vault, which lets users store their passwords locally and securely. All the data is encrypted and never leaves the device, so users can take advantage of the auto-fill features with peace of mind.

Huawei Tips

Because Huawei wants its phone users to get the most out of their devices, it equipped the latest version of its operating system EMUI 9.0 with a pre-installed Tips app which provides tips and tricks to users on how to use the phone to its full capacities at their fingertip. Huawei phones recognize the user behavior if they wish to take a screenshot or swipe to the previous screen and send them push notifications which guide users on how to do the job along with easy-to-understand illustrations. Furthermore, Huawei phone users can also head to the Tips app, easy to use and comprises of different sections, to get to know how to familiarize themselves with the device and how to take a deeper dive into all the amazing features on their phone such as how to take excellent photos, how to personalize the device and how to secure their phone amongst many other interesting topics.