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Brainobrain Oman to host National Abacus Competition

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

MUSCAT: Brainobrain Oman will host the 2nd National Abacus Competition Festival—Brainobrainfest 2019—at Bahja Hall, in Qurum on 16th February. Following the success of the first edition of the competition, Brainobrain Oman decided to host the event on the same date this year.

The event is considered as one of the biggest children’s skill development in the city.

This year, the event will bring together over 1600 children across different age groups, ranging from 5 to 14 years The competition puts to test the children’s memory and concentration power. Over the years, Brainobrain has trained thousands of children in the concept of Abacus and smart calculation. These skills not only aid them in solving arithmetic problems with speed and accuracy, but it also keeps the young brains alert, active and trains it to focus better, think quicker and improve memory.

Brainobrainfest 2019 will be a day-long event of learning and fun for children, faculty and parents. The competition will be held in the morning, soon after the inauguration. The rest of the day will feature cultural programmes, faculty awards, interesting talks and prize distribution. Children will also take the stage to demonstrate their talents in memory, concentration and math skills. The evening will end with the prize distribution, when all the winning children shall receive their trophies and medals.

This annual event aspires to become a platform that encourages the overall development of children, boost their confidence and offer them a truly global exposure.