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Culinary Comfort: Easy and satisfying dishes to soothe your soul

Food is more than a meal, it is an emotional state of mind some would argue. For the most part, it is true.

By Caleb Mathew

Friday, June 14, 2024

There is nothing food cannot cure, and the pure bliss you get when you bite into your cravings is incomparable, to say the least. However, the effort to curate a perfectly looking delicacy isn’t appealing when you are in desperate need of a blast of spice in your mouth.

Without further ado, let’s get into some of the easiest comfort foods that you can prepare with a minimal level of effort and get maximum satisfaction at the same time.

Bowl of Noodles
There is not one person who cannot resist a quick bowl of noodles, and if made well, they can be ranked as one of the best comfort foods of all time. With different styles to perfect, it is also arguably one of the most versatile dishes to perfect. Lately, the Korean noodle brand Buldak has taken the Internet by storm for the unending levels of spice it contains in its special sauces. While brands like Indomie and Maggi continue to have a special place in our hearts with their flavours, a bowl of noodles becomes a tasteful expedition with one’s mix of spices. A little addition of spice broth with shallots or garlic and cheese could go a long way in making this simple dish a meal to truly remember.

Bread and Omelette
What better than some crispy bread and some soft and succulent omelette on a Sunday morning before you head off to work? While bread is a very versatile component of quick meals, an omelette cooked with love and affection could be the way to your heart. Bits of butter and spice, along with a hearty spread of chilly flakes, will create a bash of flavour that could send you into a whole other universe. Coupled with a few slices of bread that are toasted with some garlic, a plate of bread and omelette could not only boost your day in the morning but also soothe you in the middle of a silent night.

Biscuits and Tea
While biscuits and tea cannot be classified as a meal in any sense, the pair could win you over more than any meal ever could. As far as biscuits go, you could never go wrong with a packet of Parle-G or Good Day (This one guarantees that you have a good day!). Now, tea is all about choice and perspective. How strong do you like your tea? Do you prefer a spiced tea? Iced tea or a burning hot chai? With a limitless world of possibilities, a cup of tea and a packet could provide you with a world of comfort at whichever time you deem fit. A cold night? Tea and biscuits will send all the warmth your way. A stressful or burning day? Chai and biscuits are equivalent to a massage session and are definitely much more cost-efficient.

Chips Sandwich
This is a comfort meal that could easily resonate with everyone who completed their schooling in Oman. A warm bun with cheese and mayonnaise was applied on either side, along with a packet of Oman Chips crushed with no remorse. Combined with some hot sauce, it is one of the most perfect comfort foods ever. If you want some more perfection, just add a few pieces of sausage and voila! You’re good to go. This little sandwich has the potential to serve as your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, no matter where you are.

These are some of the foods that bring about a sense of ease and comfort truly because of the simplicity and character that they carry along with them. These foods also carry with them an air of nostalgia as these are some of the foods we grew up eating as little children. What are some of your favourite comfort foods that serve as your go-to foods?