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Muscat College hosts Research Open Day 2023-24

The Muscat College’s Research Open Day, held on October 10, served as a platform to recognise and celebrate outstanding achievements of the College faculty and students in research projects

TAS News Service

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Muscat – The Open Day also provided higher education institutions in Oman with a platform to share best practices, mutually encourage one another, and promote academic endeavours.
The event aimed to showcase ongoing research endeavours, successes, and innovations within the College, while also honouring and commemorating research accomplishments of both the faculty and students.

H.E. Dr. Ali Amour Al Shidhani, Undersecretary for Communications and Information Technology at the Ministry Of Transport, Communications, And Information Technology, patronized the event and presented awards to the winning faculty members and students.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Khalfan Abdullah Al-Masruri, Dean of the College, said, “Today we have seen how technology is advancing rapidly by sharing best practices from different colleges and by engaging with expert presenters who enlightened us with topics related to empowering technology and utilising it in research. They demonstrated how we can generate and utilise new technologies such as AI and internet of things, as well as greenhouse technologies.”

Every year, the College gives out the Best Faculty Award, and this year saw Dr Stephen Aro Gordon and Dr Ferddie Quiroz from the computing department receive it for their highly influential research. “It’s like a healthy competition among staff: whoever produces the highest impact during that particular academic year is awarded,” said Dr. Mathew Philip, Assistant dean for academic affairs.

The College also recognizes and felicitates student projects based on set criteria. The focus of these awards is more on the potential applications of student projects than on the academic aspects, giving their project work more of a research value.

As part of the Open Day, many students received certificates of appreciation in a variety of categories, which is intended to support and encourage everyone while pushing for fresh and innovative commitment.