Saturday, September 30, 2023

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Nama Water Services issues statement on water quality in Sohar

Nama Water Services has issued a statement after a radio broadcast on the quality of water supplied to its subscribers in Sohar

TAS News Service

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Muscat – Nama Water Services has, in a statement issued online, confirmed that it will carry out necessary tests to ensure the safety and quality of water in Sohar, following a radio broadcast on cases relating to the water quality.

The statement reads as follows: “Nama Water Services followed with great interest the dialogue that was broadcast by a radio station in the Sultanate of Oman about the quality of water supplied to subscribers in Sohar. In this regard, the company confirms that it will verify the mentioned cases and carry out necessary tests to ensure the safety and quality of the water, noting that the company examines water samples from various points in the production stations and networks on a daily basis and ensures its safety and suitability for consumption by subscribers.

“The company would also like to note that it is coordinating with the office of His Excellency the Governor of North Al Batinah on this issue and is inventorying any indicators or cases related to water quality to ensure its safety and compliance with approved specifications and standards. It is worth noting that the company rehabilitates home networks and connections that require replacement.

“Nama Water Services also calls on its valued subscribers to report any observations that may be received regarding water quality by contacting the call center on 1442 or through the Nama Water Services application. The company will deal with any report it receives according to the established procedures. The company confirms its constant keenness to provide subscribers with water according to the specifications and standards approved in the Sultanate.”