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Oasis Badminton Academy launched

The academy has six courts with modern facilities.

TAS News Service

Monday, September 18, 2023

MUSCAT: A state-of-the-art Badminton Court Oasis Badminton Academy opens its doors near Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Gala, much to the delight of badminton lovers in Muscat.

Oman Racquet Sports Committee Chairman Dr Abdul Rahim Musallam Al Darwashi performed the inauguration. The academy has six courts with modern facilities. The court has an international standard injury-proof surface.

The courts are named after major cities in Oman. Along with this, outdoor sports activities including gymnasium, cycling, running, rest room for players, cafeteria, shower room, safety lockers and ample parking facility are also equipped. Any age can be admitted to the academy, but specialized training is given to those from the age of five.

The players will be trained under three expert coaches from India and Indonesia. The coaches are Bala Subramaniam, Arif and Roban.

There is also live streaming that allows parents to directly watch their children’s training, evaluate it and give necessary suggestions from the comfort of their homes.

A mobile application has also been launched to know more about the academy, get admission and tournament registration at the academy. Courts will work from 4 am to 12 pm.

Tournaments and special classes of outside expert players and coaches are also provided to evaluate the performance of the players. A special discount is also available on Badminton equipment. Management representatives Yogendra Singh Katiyar (Founder) and Rassam Meethal and Jasper Potharaju said that the main objective of the academy, which is working with the approval of the Oman Sports Ministry, is to prepare the trainees to compete in the Asian Games, Olympics and World Cup in the next five years, and to open more courts due to the increasing popularity of badminton in Oman.

They said that this is the first phase of the future programs and soon the second phase will start with more elaborate setup. In addition to the event, an exhibition match was also held in which Oman’s leading badminton players participated.