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Meet the Indian expat who won Muscat Duty Free’s $100,000 big cash ticket

Sunny George, an investor by profession won $100,000 at the recently concluded Muscat Duty Free raffle draw.

TAS News Service

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

MUSCAT : “I couldn’t believe it,” said Sunny George, winner of $100,000 Muscat Duty Free raffle draw, in an exclusive interview with The Arabian Stories following the announcement of the draw.

An investor by profession, he initially thought the call buzzing on his mobile phone was a fake call and refused to answer . “I couldn’t believe it, as there are so many fake callers…,” he pointed out, adding that he only decided to call back when he realized that the three missed calls were from the same number.

On hearing that the call was from Muscat Duty Fee, he became all ears and wanted to know which ticket had earned him the bonanza, as he had previously purchased another ticket a year ago. He was asked to provide details of his ticket and confirm his mobile number, which created a buzz in his household, with his wife joining in the search.

“Even my son couldn’t believe it initially. He thought it was definitely a prank call,” he said. Soon things got clear and he realized he had, indeed, won the top prize of $100,000.

Thanking God for choosing George among the scores of travelers who buy raffle tickets at the Muscat Duty Free, his wife said the news has had a big impact on the family. “I don’t know why we were chosen, but we are very grateful,” she said.

Being an investor, George plans to invest the money in a right manner.

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