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Shell Oman to introduce the first smart service stations concept in the Sultanate

Shell Oman and Amlaak Energy Resources Company introduce the first smart service stations concept to launch unique smart service stations in the Sultanate

TAS News Service

Sunday, January 22, 2023

MUSCAT– Shell Oman Marketing Company SAOG (Shell Oman) ) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Amlaak Energy Resources Company (Amlaak), an Omani company, to launch unique smart service stations in the Sultanate. This makes Shell Oman the first fuel marketing company in Oman to plan and implement these state-of-the-art modular service stations that promise to be safe, efficient, futuristic, and sustainable. The MoU, marking a new phase in the local energy market, was signed recently by Dr. Mohammed Al Balushi, Chief Executive Officer of Shell Oman, and by Mr. Aarif Al Jaffari, Managing Director of Amlaak Moving towards integrated, efficient and lower-carbon practices, the new smart service stations reflect Shell Oman’s commitment to meeting customers’ evolving needs and their urban lifestyle. This solution is tailored to accelerate this transformation and promote intelligent sustainable development practices in the fuel marketing sector in Oman. While it enhances the efficiency in the overall value chain across the retail sector, it also reduces costs, waste, and the overall site carbon emissions.

The prefabricated service stations are easy to set up, economical and meet the requirements of the market that is increasingly shifting towards feasible and convenient options to deliver energy products and services to savvy customers. Dr. Mohammed Al Balushi, said, “We are glad to be partnering with Omani entrepreneurs like Amlaak to work together in response to our customers’ evolving needs and expectations, which is in line with our In-Country Value agenda. Urban populations and cities are growing, so it is vital to make the right choices for a sustainable future. In addition, digital technology has transformed customer expectations around the convenience of retailing, speed, and a seamless experience. Working closely with different stakeholders such as the government, the private sector, and local communities, we aim to help move people and goods with lower emissions, switch to cleaner energy options and embed safe and sustainable features in their built environments and mobility solutions.”Having acquired exclusive GCC rights for this novel concept, Amlaak will collaborate with Oman Shell in setting smart service stations in the country. Amlaak is one of the leading SME firms in the field of commercial fuel distribution, transportation of fuel, lubricants, and its other derivatives.

Its operations include building modular service stations in Oman with minimal civil work and equipped with solutions that increase efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Commenting on the partnership. Mr. Aarif Al Jaffari said, “These new service stations adopt a modern design and are developed with sustainability, safety, and special efficiency in mind; standing at 1,000 m2 compared to the 3,000 m2 regular service stations. In terms of power usage, the new smart service stations consume 63% less power, utilize solar power to consume 43% less electricity, and are equipped with a device to recycle fuel vapor on its first and second stages, deeming the stations completely free of fuel vapor, safe and environmentally efficient. Our goal here is efficiency and sustainability; hence we designed the new stations to be 89% mobile, and cost 42% less than the standard service station.”

Khalid Al Awaisi, General Manager of Mobility at Shell Oman, further noted that the objective behind the fast-paced modular design was to provide environmentally friendly solutions such as VRS (Vapor Recovery Systems) and solar energy for power. “These quick operating modular stations are equipped with technology integration, application and digitization. It will offer an integrated energy services hub with superior brand experience that addresses evolving customer needs on the go. At a national level, this new concept will go a long way in meeting new urbanization plans and smart city models,” he added. This partnership reflects Oman Shell’s commitment to adapting to the changing customer needs in an example of the steps it is taking to play its role in providing more and cleaner energy solutions. This comes in line with Shell’s powering progress strategy, and the priorities and pillars of Oman vision 2040.