Saturday, February 04, 2023


‘CEOs, now is the time to watch the World Cup’

Mohammed Anwar Al Balushi is calling on all CEOs to watch the ongoing World Cup in Qatar, and learn about its historical significance, so as to incorporate the spirit of the game and the lessons it teaches in teamwork and strategies into their business operations

By Mohammed Anwar Al Balushi

Saturday, November 26, 2022

 If you are a CEO, this is a golden chance to watch the football World Cup and read about the history of FIFA, as well as learn about the first World Cup that took place in Uruguay in 1930, with thirteen nations, and the second one in Italy in 1934, with sixteen nations. The game is played globally every four years.

The twelfth football world cup was in Spain in 1982. I was then in Salalah with my father, who was in the Oman Army; he and his friend, a footballer, loved to watch the matches. Watching the 1982 world cup ignited my interest in football, which enabled me to better understand the business environment.

In 2002 was the 17th World cup which was played in South Korea and Japan. This made history, as it was the first time that the World Cup was played in Asia and that too in two countries. Since our head of department was a fan of football, he convinced the management to provide him with a television for his department, to watch the World Cup 2002. 

There has not been a better working environment in my professional career, where we watched football games and worked efficiently, having no stress, even working longer hours without feeling worn down.

How does the football world cup appeal to CEOs? What is the connection between football games and business for CEOs? How feasible is it for CEOs to watch a football game in the midst of their busy schedules?

For all CEOs who have their own strategies, visions, goals and targets to grow their business, this is the real time to watch football world cup.

The football game has eleven players on each team, and the coach selects the players and keeps them in positions that are the ‘most fit’ in the game. By keeping the right person in the right position, the CEO can learn from the coach and apply it to his organization.

Coaches leave all other things aside during the 90-minute game to focus solely on the game and analyze how each player is performing and observe deeply for any strategy gaps and lack of teamwork.

It is the coach’s responsibility to make sure none of the players are under pressure during the match, and he takes all the responsibilities and pressures and lets the players play excitingly.

CEOs must learn these qualities by providing freedom for their employees to perform the best with the use of their updated skills and knowledge, by giving them the freedom to do so.

It’s important for CEOs to understand that football games are all about challenges, emotions, excitements, tactics, bravery, teamwork, encouragement, and patience -where the same is true in business.

Now is the time for CEOs to play their best in the corporate world by learning from football champions Pele and Neymar from Brazil, Maradona and Messi from Argentina, and many other top players from around the world.