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First Omani satellite Launcher One in space soon

It will be launched into low Earth orbit at Newquay Airport in Cornwall, United Kingdom.

Oman News Agency

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

CORNWALL : With the support of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology, Emerging Global Technologies Company (ETCO) has announced the completion of the integration and installation phase of the first Omani satellite Mission Oman with the Launcher One spacecraft, to be launched into low Earth orbit at Newquay Airport in Cornwall, United Kingdom.

The integration and installation phase is a major important step, marking the start of the countdown to the first space mission of the Sultanate – Mission Oman – and will be implemented by the emerging global technology company ITCO, in partnership with SatRev, the Polish satellite manufacturer, and Tuatara, which specializes in artificial intelligence, and the American company, Virgin Orbit, which will carry the satellite on the latest launch rocket, Launcher One.

The integration team at the Virgin Orbit company responsible for the launch led a meticulous process that began with the installation and preparation of the launch cranes concerned with securing the lift of the launch vehicle and integrating the satellite, followed by testing the initial separation devices as soon as the satellite was launched, all the way to the stage of the satellite’s position on its pre-prepared Earth orbit. This process is a precise series of advanced checks for all operating, launching, tracking and data receiving systems in an integrated manner according to the international standards applicable in this advanced type of space missions.

Abdul Aziz Sadeq Al Haj Jaafar, CEO of ETCO, said in a statement to the Oman News Agency (ONA) that the integration of the satellite represents a milestone in the plan to send the first Omani satellite into space this year, adding that this achievement is the first for the Sultanate and work is underway to reach the final stage of launching the satellite to low Earth orbit.

Zjigorz Zvolensk, CEO of SatRev, told ONA that the merger went as planned and with complete success and all risks were reduced in advance during the careful inspection process that took place during the past month, where the merger team was present to the company. Virgin Orbit is on site at SatRev’s headquarters in Poland to tour in detail all the planned integration steps.

This event represents a first step in the Mission Oman, which aims to send the first Omani lunar module into space this year. Computer analysis systems supported by artificial intelligence developed by Tuatara in a strategic partnership with ITCO to serve the beneficiaries in the Sultanate and the region and enhance the local added value.

ETCO will enable the field of pioneering scientific research to open new horizons for the next generation of workers in the space sector and to invest in the transfer and localization of knowledge and technologies. The project looks forward to providing an added value to the national economy by encouraging relevant institutions to engage with the company. ITCO is engaged in local and international partnerships, investment guidance and social responsibility programs that will support accelerating the transformation of the digital economy and space related industries.