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NAKHAL – For a royal treat on wheels

Nakhal was globalised by the new King Charles III decades ago but then hot water springs was well-known world over for centuries and also its numerous forts, castles and watchtowers

TAS News Service

Friday, September 16, 2022

MUSCAT: Nakhal, known for its forts and hot springs, was made famous during the tour of England’s new monarch, King Charles III.

Nakhal means palm tree or date palm which is a widespread crop across the Sultanate and once seen in abundance circling the fort.

The worthiness of dates itself is another story.

But this info is all for the uninitiated fans from around the world who are expected to be in the Sultanate for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

The Sultanate is opening its doors for the global football fans and it is only natural for the fans to visit some of the must-see picnic spots.

So turn your engine for a breathtaking trip…. To Nakhal.

All one has to do is to drive less than 100km for a natural bath under hot springs. Yes, Nakhal springs have been well-known for its therapeutic effects for centuries.

If silence is golden then one should never miss visiting Nakhal – a must visit not just for its hot springs or forts but for its sheer beauty particularly its landscapes, winding long roads bordered with palm trees.

As you reach Ain Al Thawarah hot springs, after greeting and chatting up with friendly locals who are gladdened just by seeing you, you can head for the hot springs.

It is also a water source for the citizens who are dependent on this spring and its tributaries for irrigation purposes too.

It’s a real oasis not just for the locals or goats that splash around the overspill but for a variety of birds too.

The hot springs gushes all through and emerges from the Silud Mountain and flows to a few hundred meters before you see two tributaries: Falaj Kabbah and Falaj As Sarooj situated in Al Batinah South Governorate.

And you still want to bet why Nakhal spring is the most popular spot for travellers of all ages. You will slap back after the stretch as long as you want in the pool.

Once you emerge from the pool, you feel soothing, sharp and more energetic. The right therapy one needed for both their bodies and mind.

Walk around you will see the palm tree plantations around the famous Nakhal Fort. Stepping out will relax you more. And you count hundreds of forts, castles, watchtowers, big and small, on the hilly terrain.
Prince Harry visited the fort in 2014 and his father, now King Charles III ,much earlier visited the most visited fort which was built 500 years ago.

Apart from the unique beauty and the modern roads, Nkahl offers golden dunes, wadi (low valley mostly drt) and beaches. Who would miss it?