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Al Hind Tours and Travels begins operations in Bangladesh

The new office which is opened in Chattogram (Chittagong) in Bangladesh and will be a strategic business hub for the company.

TAS News Service

Sunday, December 12, 2021

DHAKA: Alhind Tours and Travels, the leading travel company with over 120 branches started its operations in Bangladesh by opening a new office in Chattogram.

“As the curtain falls on 2021, which was a year of challenges and opportunities, we are starting operations in Bangladesh, with a new facility in Chattogram (Chittagong), which is a strategic business hub,” said Reena Abdulrahman, Chief Operating Officer of Alhind Tours and Travels.

The new office was inaugurated by Alhaj Mohammed Ismail Hossain, Mayor Chattogram Fatikchhari Municipality.

“We have been hugely successful in establishing in the travel industry globally and already grabbed a major share of the local market in India and the GCC. If we stay as we are, year on year the sales will plateau at best. But, we have to take our business to the next level, for which we have to expand and diversify,” Reena said.

“This is just the beginning of our strategic expansion plans and now is the time to look further afield, across the pond, into major destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia and more.
It was the power of the team work that helped Alhind to grow fast and this is also the result of the collective effort, which we hope to continue in future as well,” she added.