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TAS ICONS: Why sharing knowledge with the public is important Dr. Priti Sambhalwal

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Saturday, November 21, 2020

When we step into hospital to seek relief from health issues and get directions from the front offices that handle and guide scores of visitors by the minute rarely do we spare a second to reflect on the importance of people who take care of us along the way to the doctor’s cubicle at least until we encounter a problem that delays or prevents us from getting quick or desired assistance.

The fact of the matter is human resources management plays a crucial role in healthcare, and that’s something Dr. Priti Sambhalwal realised after spending six years in the medical profession working in one of the top hospitals of New Delhi.

HR professional, columnist, mentor, orator and moderator, Dr. Priti wears many hats and she does it with aplomb. A human resources expert, Dr. Priti is proficient in different fields thanks to her sheer passion.

Her enthusiasm and interest in every subject she chooses to pursue is apparent right from the beginning of a conversation with Dr. Priti. This interest and zest are what made her pursue a career in HR after six years of being in the medical profession.

“Having spent six years in the medical profession and working in one of the best government hospitals of New Delhi I felt that there was a gap which needed to be addressed at administration and management level.

Individually handling an OPD of more than 100 patients every day was a challenge and it seemed that the execution and implementation part of the activities needed a deeper understanding of human psychology and personnel involved. That somewhere ignited a desire in me to pursue management as a career,” Dr. Priti recalls.

Marketing and human resources were the main subjects of the MBA course she pursued. Human resources management became a subject of great interest to Dr. Priti, which she eventually pursued as her career when she was selected to work for India’s biggest power producer, NTPC Limited.
Her aptitude and passion led to her being handpicked by the organisation to pursue a course by Harvard University.

Dr. Priti moved to Oman with her husband in 2019. Passionate about training, coaching, writing and public speaking, she decided to take a sabbatical from her work to pursue her interests. A strong believer of change, she is doing a doctorate in philosophy (Ph.D.) in organisation change management.

That’s just one of the many interests she is immersed in. “Nowadays, I am more into writing columns for newspapers in Oman, public speaking, developing my blog, page, channel, and painting.

The present global scenario has, in a way, given me a bigger bunch of opportunities to explore, adapt and grow along in the process,” Dr. Priti says.

She also conducts training sessions and programmes both as a speaker and moderator for organisations in Oman as well as India.Among the other areas that Dr. Priti is passionate about are coaching and mentoring.

“Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom; sharing it is the first step to humanity. I believe in sharing my knowledge and experience with a wider fraternity, continuously enhancing my learning experience and in turn giving back to society.”

Dr. Priti Sambhalwal

“I trust that knowledge increases by sharing and not saving it. “

It is this zeal to share knowledge and contribute to the nation that led her to become a knowledge Ambassador with Knowledge Oman. “The aim of a Knowledge Ambassador is to bridge the gap between the academia and industry through the initiative ‘KO Talks’, which is a series of talks imparted by experienced industry experts to academic institutions who present a demand for the same.

The aim of the talks is to provide the recipients with opportunities to connect with a network of professionals who can enrich them with their experiences and address their issues. The series impacts the lives of all who believe in betterment of life through enlightenment of knowledge,” Dr. Priti explains.

A firm believer in the principle of giving back to society, Dr. Priti rarely misses an opportunity to share the vast knowledge she has acquired over the years of her learning and working.