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TAS ICONS: My goal is to put Oman on the international fashion map, says Amal Al Raisi

TAS News Service

Friday, November 20, 2020

When an eye for detail, awesome craftsmanship, amazing creativity and a desire to lift the veil on the limited, uninspiring choices on offer get stitched together with an unbridled passion to wow the world, the result is a trendsetting, eye-popping, uncomplicated collection that the local, regional and global enthusiasts just cannot resist from taking note of, lavishing praise upon and readily wanting to have at least a pair of them in their wardrobes.

“I wanted to create an Omani brand that is on a par with international brands that we see around the world. Every time I designed I would make sure that I lift the level and quality of my work. I always challenged myself to work on my creativity and to make sure that the product is of better quality every time,” the renowned Omani designer makes her point clear to the world of fashion.

Amal Al Raisi, one of the foremost fashion designers in Oman, began her sartorial journey in 2007. Although it was a time when fashion was mostly considered a hobby more than a career by many around her, Amal had a very clear vision. She wanted to create clothes that were stylish, high in quality and eventually show the world what Oman had to offer. Thus was born Dar Al Aseel.

Initially Amal started by creating traditional Omani dresses and abayas. What made her designs stand out was Amal’s outstanding eye for detail and craftsmanship. Every piece she designed had her unique touch right from the beginning – intricate craftsmanship, often bedecked with detailed embroidery and excellent fabrics.

In 2014, the designer, after having worked relentlessly on her creations, decided it was time to push the envelope and take it to the next level. She rebranded her label and launched ‘Amal Al Raisi’ the following year. “I wanted to elevate my work and take this Omani brand across the borders. I wanted to show what Oman had to offer through fashion,” shares Amal.
The launch of her eponymous label saw the advent of Amal’s Ready-to-Wear and capsule collections every year. And just as she had envisioned, Amal took the brand beyond the borders. From Dubai to Italy to Paris to London Amal showcased her collections at fashion shows and private events.

A proud moment arrived for Amal when she was invited to speak and showcase her creations at the Conde Nast Luxury Conference that took place in Oman in 2017. At the event, that brought guests from across the globe, she shared space with international celebrities from the world of fashion and lifestyle.

Oman plays a strong role in her collections. Her designs, while catering to the local and global fashion lovers, are inspired by various elements of the Sultanate.

“Since 2015, my goal has been to put Oman on the international fashion map. I worked towards creating a brand that is Omani but reaches out to the global audience. We have so many inspirations here – our culture, history, traditions and more. Through fashion I want to show the world what this beautiful country has.”

Amal Al Raisi

And it is not just her label that the designer considers. Dar Al Aseel, Amal’s boutique, offers space to upcoming designers and labels from Oman. “I want to see more Omani designers out there. I want them to feel that designing is not just a hobby. There are countries that depend on fashion for their economy. Fashion is not always taken seriously. Back when I launched Dar Al Aseel in 2007, it wasn’t easy. I want people to see that fashion is serious and by supporting other designers I want to encourage them to come forward and do more. If we have more designers we represent the industry better,” stresses the enterprising designer.

Amal Al Raisi is a woman on a mission — not just to support the Omani fashion industry but also fellow designers and continue to keep Oman in the limelight through her creations.