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Webinar held in Oman on rediscovering selves

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September 29.2020 8:19 am

MUSCAT : 2020, so far has been a roller coaster with many lows but quite a few highs as well. Although the pandemic has hampered our lives, it has also created a lens through which we can view the world with a new perspective. It has given us an opportunity to rediscover ourselves.

Amidst all the struggle towards fighting this global health crisis, Yoga City, a wellness studio in Muscat, organized a webinar titled ‘Rediscovering SELVES’ which brought together panelists who are women working closely with people from different walks of life. They shared their journey and experiences through this period of crisis, reiterating how important it is to adapt to the changes, learn, grow, and rediscover who we are.

The panelists shared an array of viewpoints, discussions, and threw light on day to day chronicles faced by these women in the last few months and how they have been able to cope with the negativity and stress this pandemic brought with it. Rasha Al-Raisi, an Oman based author and columnist, shared her perspective and emphasized how we as human beings have become more compassionate and empathetic towards our fellow human beings and animals, and that amidst all uncertainties ahead too, adapting to the circumstances in a positive way is crucial at the moment.

Dr. Priti, an HR expert, columnist and speaker, expressed that the need of the hour was to adapt to the changes as quickly as possible. Being a strong believer of welcoming change, she expressed that change should stimulate growth instead of holding us back. Keeping herself actively proactively engaged through reading, writing, art and fitness activities like running and Yoga, was her mantra that helped her to emerge out stronger.

Elizabeth Saju Varghese, a teacher by profession, who was used to being occupied and actively engaged with her work for the past two decades, found a lot of time for herself during this period and rediscovered her hobbies. She talked about the quality time spent with her family and how engaging herself in social activities at the same time involving others productively too, is what kept her motivated.

Prema Arun, the co-founder of Yoga City, highlighted the importance of a regular routine of proper food, exercise and rest. She stated that she believes in the attitude of gratitude and reiterated how vital it is to practice yoga and meditation in our daily lives to keep ourselves physically and mentally fit.

The event was streamed live on Facebook and moderated by Anupama Shankar, a yoga instructor and practitioner. Co-founder of Yoga City, Mr. Ramshad Ahmed Venghat, thanked all the panellists for sharing their perspective with a vast audience from near and far.

The webinar was well-received and appreciated for the positive outlook it brought about when the world is going through a life-altering crisis. Yoga City intends to organize similar programs in future which shall provide platforms for people to come together and express their views on various other issues, and contribute their bit, in defeating this crisis together. The webinar video can be accessed at –

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