Knowledge Oman launches a new initiative for getting knowledge virtually closer to society

TAS News Service
July 12, 2020 10:42 am

MUSCAT : Knowledge Oman has launched a series of webinars aimed at enriching society with knowledge, enhancing skills and raising awareness on different aspects of personal and professional life. Amidst the current global crises, the award winning platform has innovatively taken their initiatives online in their commitment towards sharing knowledge for the benefit of society with virtual webinars which will address “Life Post Covid-19”, among other topics that contribute to the development of the society.

The platform will engage professionals, academics, leaders and experts from various industries to share knowledge online and guide society on the road to recovery. Topics such as wellbeing, the impacts of technology, the shift towards online or blended learning and entrepreneurial challenges will be discussed. The public can gain access to the webinars at the touch of their fingers through any mobile device.

Israa Al Ajmi, Head of KO Seminars, is optimistic about the long term value that these webinars will add to society. “As we gradually begin to phase out of lockdown, there is anxiety about what normal life will be like and how to live post COVID-19. Knowledge Oman will share valuable insights and suggestions to alleviate these fears and guide society out of this period with life-long skills provided by experts from different fields. This will enable all participants to be a part of Oman’s vision of the way to recovery and moving forward.” The webinar series is in support of the leadership of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq Al Said towards Oman’s Vision 2040 on building knowledge and upskilling the nation.

The webinars will be broadcasted bi-weekly on Sunday evenings from 07:30-08:30 pm. The public can register via the website: 

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