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Covid-19 in Oman: 42 industrial units closed for violating precautionary measures

TAS News Service

Thursday, July 9, 2020

MUSCAT : The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates – Madayn has issued regulations to deal with violators among the industrial firms in the industrial cities of the decisions issued by the Supreme Committee that is tasked to deal with COVID-19. Eng. Basim Al Zadjali, senior health, safety and environmental health specialist at Madayn, stated that joint cooperation is effective between Madayn and the relevant government bodies to unify control and awareness efforts in the industrial units on the precautionary measures against COVID-19, ensure their commitment to the decisions and recommendations of the Supreme Committee, and take legal action against violators.  

Al Zadjali pointed out that based on the Ministerial Decisions no. (167/2020) and (186/2020) issued by the Ministry of Manpower, Madayn has started to apply these two decisions in all of its industrial cities while obliging companies and factories to implement the measures that aim at protecting the public health through directing business owners and investors to notify all employees of the necessity to adhere to the precautionary measures. Penalties will be applied on the violators according to the controls mentioned in the two decisions and the fine will be doubled in case of a repeated violation.

In case of any infected cases of coronavirus, the Ministry of Health’s call centre has to be contacted, or Madayn’s Emergency Room, or through email: regarding any technical advice or enquiries on the industrial units’ emergency plan to deal with COVID-19.

Al Zadjali added that Madayn conducts continuous inspection visits to the industrial units to ensure the implementation of precautionary measures in accordance with the enforced controls by Madayn. The controls are related to how to deal with coronavirus infected cases, duration of closure procedures according to the assessment of the case in coordination with the epidemiological investigation team formed by the Ministry of Health, implementation of closures and violations as per the applicable forms whenever required, in addition to allocation of an account in the financial system of each industrial city to collect the fines into this account and consequently the proceeds get transferred periodically to the account of the fund designated for countering the coronavirus pandemic.

Al Zadjali informed that by the end of June this year inspection visits were conducted to 2392 industrial units. “Of these units, 1669 were found adhering to the precautionary procedures, while warnings and practice correction notices were issued to 723 industrial units. Besides, violations were filed on 43 units, among which 42 were closed,” he said.

During this period, Madayn, in cooperation with Oman Investment and Development Holding Company (Mubadrah), has carried out sterilisation and disinfection operations for 224 industrial units, in addition to sterilisation operations that included all the administration buildings in the industrial cities, Knowledge Oasis Muscat and Al Mazunah Free Zone. During the same period, Madayn Emergency Room has received 1821 communications. The emergency room receives coronavirus related enquiries and complaints through 24449685 or via WhatsApp: 92389609.  Madayn officials aim at disseminating awareness among the workers in the companies and factories on safe and healthy practices at the workplace. Through the inspection visits, penalties are being applied on the violating industrial units. The violations include the lack of personal protection tools; absence of physical distance between workers, especially those operating in production lines, and during rest areas; units that have not considered exempting employees with medical conditions and pregnant women; invalidity of temperature measurement devices with inaccurate readings; and insufficient quantities of hand sanitisers at the workplace.