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13th century Bibi Maryam tomb in Oman is being restored

The 13th century Bibi Maryam Mausoleum is located in the historic city of Qalhat.

TAS News Service

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Heritage and Culture has started the restoration works on the famous 13th century-old Bibi Maryam Mausoleum located in the historic city of Qalhat.

“The ministry has started the restoration work of Bibi Maryam located in the historic city of Qalhat in Wilayat Sur in South Al Sharqiyah governorate,” the Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.

According to the Ministry, a team of specialists are working to ensure the safety of the iconic building and is expected to complete the restoration work in four months.

According to historians, the tomb is thought to have been built either by Baha al-Din Ayaz, the 13th-century King of Hormuz, in memory of his wife Maryam, or by Maryam herself.

In 2018, UNESCO added Oman’s ancient city of Qalhat to its World Heritage List.