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More than 800 illegal workers arrested in Oman

In 27-days, 833 illegal workers were arrested from Muscat governorate.

TAS News Service
Dec 31, 2019 7:36 am

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Manpower has arrested and deported 833 illegal workers including car washers and resellers in 27-days, as part of an intensive crackdown in Muscat governorate.

The workers were caught from wilayat of Muscat, Sidab and Bustan. Meanwhile, 43 illegal workers were arrested for selling vegetables, fruits at Central Fruits and Vegetables Market in Mawaleh, while the team arrested 61 workers for cleaning vehicles in public parking areas in the wilayats of Bausher and Muttrah. 

Thousands of illegal workers are caught and deported every year despite warnings from the authorities. “Many of these workers are either those who ran away from their sponsors or entered the country illegally,” an official from Ministry of Manpower said.   

He urged expatriates to follow all residency laws and urged citizens as well as residents to report any illegal resident to the police and not give them shelter or employment.

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